Modern PC witch-hunting is far worse than McCarthyism, which is why it needs to be addressed, challenged, and smothered with logic wherever it appears.

Why is it worse than McCarthyism? How dare I equate the two, much less allege that what’s going on now is worse?

Because in the 1950s, communists were actually killing people in the millions. Mao’s Great Leap Forward took tens of millions of lives in the late 1950s. People were being worked and starved to death in Soviet gulags. Political dissidents in communist countries were sent to prison or mental hospitals. Imagine that—a political belief system founded on the notion of human equality resorted to totalitarian tactics in order to maintain itself. Of course it did! That’s the only way to maintain a fraudulent belief system—by silencing all dissent.

These days, actual racially motivated white-on-black violence is so rare, the witch hunters have to pretend an obviously Peruvian guy is white merely to maintain their hopelessly outdated narrative. They also have to turn a blind eye to nearly daily black mob attacks on whites in order to keep reminding everyone about 100-year-old lynchings. If I’m stuck in the 90s, why do you keep talking about racially motivated violence that happened 100 years ago while I keep talking about incidents that happened this week? Who’s truly stuck in the past here?