It appears that the LAST thing you [i.e. white lefists] really want is a sincere conversation about race, because such a thing obviously scares the living shit out of you. Many of you seem to only want to lecture and scold others about race and pretend it’s actually a dialogue.

But for now, it’s enjoyable to watch you squirm as you realize that your moral disapproval doesn’t have nearly the power to silence or shame people that it did even five years ago. For many of you, the word “racism” seems to substitute for “sin,” and you have a twisted eagerness to smear all heretics with it. Problem is, a lot of the heretics don’t hold you in high enough regard for your disapproval to leave a dent in our beliefs. And it’s that loss of control as Morality Cops which seems to be driving you crazy. No apologies, though. The jig is up, and obviously I don’t mean “jig” in any ironically racist way.