Liberalism is essentially a Christian heresy — it takes the doctrine of spiritual equality common to the Gospels and immanentizes it, turning it into a doctrine of political and social egalitarianism. In liberalism, God’s mercy and misericordia [loving kindness] toward the poor and disadvantaged is turned inside out, and becomes a positive righteousness that is bestowed upon victim groups. Christ’s eschatological promise of the Kingdom of God becomes a utopian promise of the Kingdom of Man.

In Unitarianism and all other liberal Christian denominations, the heresy has boomeranged right back to the source that begat it. The result is a pseudo-Christianity which has been hollowed out and filled with ideological mush, leaving a thin shell of religious appearance. Liberalism is literally a parasite on Christianity, eating it from the inside out and using the host’s external appearance to hide from enemies that would otherwise stamp it out in the open. Liberalism always survives by dissimulation, imitation and manipulation. When it is on the ascendancy and feels that its enemies are weak, it finishes its metamorphosis to leftism.