Taxonomy of Leftists


True true believer, or rice leftist? You decide. (image source)

Leftism is a substitute for religion, and like other religions it has many different types of believers. I’ve outlined the main types below.

Note: when I say “leftist,” I’m not referring to anyone who believes in anything left-wing. Just like you can believe something Christians also believe without really being a Christian, you can believe something leftists believe without being a leftist.

There are the true believers, who will pay $60K extra for a house in a white neighborhood, and then turn around and lament the “lack of diversity” in the town they chose to move to “for the schools.” They know not what they do, except maybe on a lizard brain level. That knowledge is filtered through many layers of denial, hopefulness, status anxiety, and wishful thinking.

There are also the true true believers, naïve from growing up in a whitopia/upper-middle-class suburb, conditioned to think that fear of black people is like, totally square, man. Most lack the survival instinct that makes even the most deeply indoctinated SWPLs lock their doors when they take the wrong freeway exit.

True true believers are the first wave of hipsters who gentrify “underprivileged” neighborhoods, or go into Teach for America to “make a difference,” and who act like their grandmother is Julius Streicher because she once said “colored” instead of “African American.”

I know one true true believer who walked through Harlem at night and got curbstomped by a group of 14 year-old Puerto Ricans. Reality can cure some of them, or at least turn them into the kind of true believer who can tell how good a local school is just from driving by during recess.

Moderate leftists like the ideals of leftism, but are put off by the more extreme elements. For example, “I’m a feminist, but not one of those crazy bra-burning ones.” or “I support equality, but PC has gone way too far,” and “We may be a nation of immigrants, but we can’t take in the whole entire world.” Moderates will become more or less radical depending on who they hang out with.

Rice leftists mostly join leftism for the benefits (usually sexual/pharmaceutical excess) but aren’t deeply invested in the philosophy. Some rice leftists are sociopaths just looking for a way to blend in. A few are fuckups looking for a way to justify their lifestyles. Most are just young guys looking to get laid.

There is a rare type of leftist who’s consciously aware of things that contradict The Narrative, but still believes anyway. This was me for about 8 months. In this state, you see “off-narrative information” as a reason to change strategy without abandoning the religion. For example, if black kids are less intelligent than white kids, then we need to find ways make them more intelligent by any means necessary. It sounds like mental torture but it’s easier in a way. You get to feel morally superior to leftists while sharing some of their premises.

Then there are the apostates, including secret apostates who are consciously dissimulating. Some professional-class people who deal with diversity every day, defense lawyers for example, belong to this group.