Winter Reading List

Recommended reading for the concerned citizen. List is not comprehensive or 100% politically oriented. Don’t expect to agree with everything written, that’s not the point of reading.


Leftism and Its Discontents:

Light Reading:

  • Meditations on the Peaks, Julius Evola
  • Masters of the Universe,” Alex Kurtagic
  • Spoilt Rotten: the Toxic Cult of Sentimentality, Theodore Dalrymple

Not-So-Light Reading:

Heavy Reading (Doorstopper Division):

  • Decline of the West, Oswald Spengler
  • Against the Modern World, Julius Evola
  • Which Way Western Man?, William Gayley Simpson
  • Imperium, Francis Parker Yockey
  • The Passing of the Great Race, Madison Grant



(Source: whiteinnovations)

Leftist Vocabulary Explained



Someone who becomes successful on their own, collectively “oppressors”, a group of people who become more successful than another group, under their own power


Being born an Oppressor, even if you are dirt poor and thick as a brick. As an Oppressor, anything negative done to you is beneficial to Oppressed Peoples.


Anyone with standards

Victim of Oppression

Someone who has either lower standards than the Oppressors or no standards at all, who is less successful due to this.


Anyone who doesn’t love everyone due to standards


Anyone who notices that just as individuals differ, groups of similar individuals have aggregate differences

In context - “Barney said the Jamaicans were a pretty chill people last night, I told him he better watch the racist stereotypes or I’d tell our Sociology professor”


Anyone who is OK with society having standards of behaviour


Anyone who doesn’t agree that anything men can do on aggregate, women can do just as well if not better


People who think sexual differences aren’t purely cosmetic, and should be used when judging suitability for employment, partnership, friendship, etc

In context - “That cement mixing company hired our neighbour Ted the powerlifter instead of my darling daughter Susie, I’m going to sue those sexist bastards for every penny they have. I hope Ted puts his back out lifting one of those 50 kilo cement sacks”


A man who looks at a leftist female, or “feminist”


What happens when noone is allowed standards


Anything that puts the individuals feelings before the general wellbeing.

Normally occurs as self gratifying behaviour that would otherwise be considered criminal and/or self destructive, if the victim was not an “Oppressor”. Examples include:

  • Taxing productive and resultantly wealthy people to pay for non-productive, violent people. This is “Empowering” for the people receiving the money, as it saves them the trouble of going out and stealing the money anyway.
  • Casual sex - Although casual sex destroys the ability to emotionally commit, especially among women as they are normally the vunerable party, the indirect victims are Men, and therefore, Oppressors. “Feminists” are very much in favour of this type of “Empowerment.”
  • Hurting white people, for whatever reason, up to and including rape and murder, because they are “Oppressors.” Recent examples of this type of empowerment in the news included getting Justice for Trayvon, a victim of an oppressor.
  • Doing soft and/or hard drugs and other self-impairing behaviour - The indirect victim is the people who the costs of treatment are offloaded onto, either your parents or the taxpayers. Seeing as they have more money than you, (even if this was not the case before you bought the drugs), they are therefore Oppressors if they don’t give you the money.

Taxing the hardworking, having sex with strangers, hurting white people and doing drugs all make Oppressed Peoples - the unemployed and criminal, feminists, blacks and hippies, Feel Better momentarily, and therefore are all behaviours that are Empowering.


Putting aside your own standards and values for the sake of someone elses feelings, regardless of the consequences. George Zimmerman is a good example of a failure to maintain a tolerant attitude.


Having preferences about what type of people you come across in life.


A sincere desire to enrich the Oppressed at the expense of the Oppressor, through any means necessary. Normally, this motivation comes from an undying hatred of Privileged peoples, because they are Privileged.

For example, a person who is loving and tolerant will hate white people, no matter how successful they are, because they are Oppressors. This hatred is entirely justified due to the injustice of aggregate differences.


A fictional, dystopian hell on Earth. The hallmark of a 1984 society is denying the truth in favour of dogma. Leftists believe they are fighting against the possibility of 1984, when in fact, they are struggling towards it. Leftists constantly “check their Privilege”, that is to say, suppress any thoughts that do not conform to the Oppressor/Oppressed paradigm.

Any acceptance of inherent natural differences, property rights, free association etc is by definition Crimethink.

But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He was loving and tolerant.

- Buttercup

The negation of difference implies, by extension, a negation of quality, both in the sense of distinguishing attributes and of superiority. The logical end product of equality is, therefore, sameness and mediocrity, a denial of all the things that make life good and worth living. A system of belief that takes the joy out of life, a system of belief that is, ultimately, anti-life, cannot be considered moral.

This blog is about the many innovations, inventions, creations and discoveries made by white people throughout history.

This isn't about hate, violence or racial supremacy. I love my people and I hope you love yours.

That said, if you say moronic things that can be proved wrong in 3 minutes on bing, don't expect to be handled with kid gloves.

NOTE: I'm not updating this blog very much at the moment. I have enough posts queued up to keep it running for the next couple of years, but I don't log in or check it regularly. Feel free to browse the archives though if you want answers to some questions.