On Antifa


Behold, the antifa!  A beta male of beta males, a sore of the West’s spiritual leprosy.     

Growing up, the antifa never found proper release for the angst sown deeply in his soul from his trying life in a 95% white, middle-class suburb of Portland.  His parents divorced at an early age, and he struggled socially in high school.  Always the awkward, passive type, the larval-stage antifa floundered profusely with the ladies growing up.  It just didn’t make sense to him.  He bent over backwards for girls, treated them with respect, worshiped the ground they walked on, and listened to their problems, and yet they always went for the jerks that mocked his frail physique instead.  Often, before his forthcoming womynist enlightenment, he would mutter under his breath, “all women are bitches.”   

Politically, he was liberal by default; his mom voted Democrat, and liberalism just made sense to him.  “Why can’t the rich pay a little more?  Isn’t free health care for everyone a good thing?  Authority fucking sucks, man!”, and so forth.  Punk rock always appealed to him.  At first, the slick, glossy faux-punk sounds of Green Day and Blink 182 provided a suitable outlet for his woe-is-me angst.  The more his internal purposelessness and rage against reality compounded, though, it just wasn’t enough.  Eventually, he discovered hardcore punk and crust punk.  It was perfect for two reasons: it let him release his inner three-year-old and listen to structureless, musical temper tantrums, and it opened his eyes to the glorious world of liberal altruism - the cure for his broken self-esteem.  

It was perfect.  By crusading against racism, sexism, and tyranny, he inflated his unwarranted sense of self-importance instilled through the cooing praises lavished upon him from liberal society simply for existing, nursed his very warranted sense of self-loathing, and even fed his damaged sense of masculinity through hxc tough-guy distance-pissing along the way.   

Like a grown man staring red-eyed and unblinking into his closet and screaming, “fuck you boogyman!”, the antifa declares his forward-thinking, anti-authoritarian independence through rebellion against an ideology that less than 1% of Americans hold.  Of course, without a real enemy, he resorts to labeling anything not insanely leftist as fascist.  Don’t like abortion?  Fascist.  Voted Republican?  Fascist.  Acknowledge the existence of gender differences outside of social constructionism?  Double fascist. It’s hard to hold it against the antifa for this childishly simplified good guy/fascist dichotomy, however.  It gives the antifa just a brief grasp of sanity, along with the whole host of other leftist memes - “all humans are equal,” “fuck the police,” “race is skin deep,” “no gods, no masters,” “die cis scum,” etc.  

There are essentially two life paths for the antifa - go to college on daddy’s money to major in European cinema with a queer studies minor, or go straight to working for Target, where the antifa will work after college, anyways.  In spite of his anti-corporate stance, most of his income will go towards lining the pockets of fat-cat video game and beer corporations.  

The antifa’s atheistic materialism gradually solidifies in college, or at punk rock shows, not that there’s much of a difference anymore, anyways.  In this philosophy, based on the humanistic fantasy that the universe revolves around mankind, therefore making mankind an egalitarian fraternity of anti-realism and mankind’s pleasures and desires inalienable rights, the world is divided into The Oppressed and The Oppressors.  This false inherency is, perhaps, the single most crucial meme to antifa philosophy, and it is the antifa’s goal to level humanity into a global, cattle-like entity of equality.  Of course, as a white, straight, cis, non-incest privileged individual (in other words, The Oppressor), he practices a curious, seemingly-paradoxical ritual of self-loathing ego-masturbation.  He’ll bite his tongue while listening to “kill whitey” or “all men are complicit in our rape culture” rants.  Through his silence and understanding, he gains the glorified social status of master altruist.   Sure, his feelings get hurt occasionally, but if he can gain those sweet, sweet moments of brief approval from The Oppressed, it was worth it.  Where else could he nurse his damaged sense of self-worth?  Certainly not through his own achievement, merits, and conquests.  That would be downright patriarchal.  And fascist.  And just too much effort.  Besides, when he’s lucky, self-proclaimed “liberated sluts” reward him with pity sex.        

Antifa pretend to stand for revolution, but in fact function as yet another social cog in the great grinding wheel of modernity.  Therein lies its great appeal - the appearance of a new and dangerous movement for global good that amounts to little more than another tired rehashing of liberte, egalite, fraternite, just with gimp costumes, shitty music, and adolescent men throwing temper tantrums at riot police.  No “hard truths” about reality need to be accepted, no effort to view the world outside of the humanistic lens of materialism needs to be undertook, no need to make music with any semblance of musical competency.      

The cure?  Heroic music, anti-humanism, cultural standards, and increased police brutality seem to be good starting points.

This blog is about the many innovations, inventions, creations and discoveries made by white people throughout history.

This isn't about hate, violence or racial supremacy. I love my people and I hope you love yours.

That said, if you say moronic things that can be proved wrong in 3 minutes on bing, don't expect to be handled with kid gloves.

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